Robert Fisk’s farewell

By portable levantine

I’ve had mixed feelings about Robert Fisk’s reporting, especially over the past 10 years during the dirty war on Syria.

I remember a conversation with an old ‘friend’ who was an ardent supporter of the so called Syrian revolution. It was early summer of 2012 if I am not mistaken.
My argument was that there was a heinous war on Syria using al Qaeda factions armed and funded by many western administrations and intelligence agencies.

One could easily discern that by simply listening to the language of incitement and hate on the majority of various news channels.
Here’s a little snippet for one unfamiliar with the language:

“The Alawites to the coffin and the Christians to Beirut.”

It was alarming that such venomous language raised little concern among various ‘Avant garde and gifted Syrian intelligentsia’ living abroad.

The horrific terrorist attacks in France over the past few days are but a little sample of what transpired in Syria over the past decade as thousands of takfiri head choppers massacred and plundered the earth as the world irresponsibly cheered on. Fall out of line with the script and you fall out of favor.

Let’s go back to the call with ‘my friend’.
At the time, Robert Fisk was still a darling of the ‘opposition’ as he communicated a narrative favored by the self described opposition.

My ‘friend’, expressed his liking for Robert Fisk, and to quote

‘Man, his words bring me comfort’

In arabic ‘Ya 2a5i ana Kalamo birta7lo.’

Soon however, Robert Fisk demonstrated his redeemable character and ultimately told a different story that reflected what he began to see on the ground. A story of a genocidal war on Syria that the U.S administration today complements with sanctions.

Obviously and inevitably, Fisk fell out of favor with the champion rebels of the war on Syria.

Even though he didn’t speak Arabic, Fisk demonstrated a quality very few journalists have today: courage.

May he rest in peace.